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Welcome to the Commentary Quadrant. Too often, the Church is silenced or marginalized in the public square. Sub-Christian and anti-Christian notions rule the day. It is time for God’s people, led by God’s prophets, to recast civic conversation, redefine the issues, and reintroduce the principles of God’s Word. Technology, the arts, the home, the academy, the workplace, the halls of government, the battlefield; God speaks to all these sectors, indeed, to every sort of human endeavor. Accordingly, the Journal lifts its voice, in His name, to address a wide range of morally and spiritually momentous phenomena.

Kairos Journal offers the pastor brief essays on the urgency of prophetic utterance in this day. These editorials are designed to illuminate the situation, stir the heart, equip the mind, and fortify resolve. By describing the times from a biblical perspective, they help the pastor to stand in the pulpit with the confidence that he is truly one of God’s men "for such a time as this."